My Surgical Excisional Biopsy

So I decided to go for the surgical (excisional) biopsy, just to see, just in case it was DCIS, based on the conclusions I relayed in my last post. I was lucky. The results showed no sign of cancer.

The biopsy itself was not painful nor was the wire placement procedure I needed prior to the surgery. I am relaying this in case someone else needs to hear it. I read my share of horror stories before I went in. It’s probably nice to know that a surgical biopsy can be relatively easy.

While I waited for the results I did look at BC websites and discovered stories of women who did not biopsy microcalcifications. Either their doctors told them it was ok to wait, they never got the initial worrisome result, or the idea that they should have a biopsy was never revealed to them. And they ended up with invasive breast cancer. I’m sure these women only represent a small percentage of those who might have prevented cancer had they been biopsied, but still. Their stories are real. So while waiting for results, what I found supported my choice.

Now I am back to square one. After my breast is completely healed–it takes awhile– I will be back to normal. Now I wonder about things like soy, HRT, how breasts really should be monitored, and all that. While my risk of breast cancer is not higher than it was previously, I never really thought about risk factors much. I was more afraid of being overtreated than actually having a disease.

Objectively, I am one of the many women who have had what critics refer to as an unecessary biopsy, but I can’t help to feel that I’m glad I did.

It’s hard to escape the dilemma. Either you look for it (cancer) in the most accurate way possible, or you don’t and hope for the best. For me, I think I will continue to keep up to date on the latest research because as surely as I make a decision on how to proceed, a new study will come along to change my mind.


About Rhonda Tremaine

Rhonda Tremaine is a blogger and book author who lives in Central, New Jersey. She is also a founding partner at ENoetic Press.

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