Monthly Archives: December 2011

Announcing the Annex

Last month,  I started curating a weekly paper at that I consider an outgrowth of this blog. I am just getting used to the media and am really not sure what I am doing yet there, but I managed to get through several Sunday editions and you can find them here.

While it is a bit confusing, what is good about this project is that every week I am privy to new information about breast cancer. I sift through a good deal of superfluous information, and sometimes it is hard to get a handle on it, but when something is really important, it seems as if I am alerted by many news spotters, and so I feel as if I am truly up to date on the latest in breast cancer research.

Some of the articles have already prompted ideas for topics for this blog. At the very least, I will be well-informed.


Where You are Screened May Matter

When I was at the my surgeon’s office, I picked up an NAPBC leaflet describing the benefits of NAPBC accreditation. NAPBC stands for the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. What it means is that a center that is accredited has gone through a rigorous process to assure that their standards meet or exceed what several prestigious industry organizations demand.

While a center that is not accredited may be doing an excellent job, the centers that are accredited have a stamp of approval, so if you are deciding between Center A and Center B, you might want to vie for the one that has accreditation.

To find out if your breast center is accredited by NAPBC, check their map of facilities in the United States.