Monthly Archives: May 2012

An Update on this Blog

In my last post–which was about five months ago–I announced the Annex, a experiment that I took down today. I found it rather tedious and not very helpful, but I just wanted to provide an update on that.

I have not written much because frankly, there is nothing to personally report and there is nothing on the breast cancer front that has caught my attention. Right now, I am focusing much of my energy on another project and you can find out about that here: Everything Noetic.

I am interested in maintaining this blog because I still get quite a few hits and people use the links, and I feel I am helping by doing nothing more than keeping this alive. However, if anyone has suggestions, or can offer valuable links on DCIS, I would truly appreciate your sharing them.

A quick update on my breast surgery: the healing took longer than I anticipated. I was surprised to learn that the lumpiness after surgery would take months to subside, not days or weeks. My next mammogram should be around September so I will certainly update then. Until then, or until there is something relevent to blog about, I wish everyone a good summer and  lots of luck with whatever medical issues you are now facing.