My Mammogram Update

So I had my mammogram in December. I meant to report this right after I had the exam and now it is March! I  am barely blogging with the exception of, a blog I co-author. (If you are interested in my other projects you can find out by visiting the blog).

What I really liked about the visit is the fact that the mammogram and physician visit was done on the same day. I would highly recommend going to a facility where there is no waiting involved.  Facilities that do it all in one day are wonderful and I will continue to go this route.

I will also continue to provide sporadic updates. Obviously, my focus is elsewhere because everything was ok, but I have not forgotten about this blog. Although there is very little interaction, I can tell you that for a blog that is inactive, I continue to get a lot of hits. I really like being able to facilitate the dissemination of information that is so hard to find. Please feel free to comment if you would like me to look into any topic about breast cancer and I will do my best to make time for it. Blessings to anyone who finds themselves here struggling with issues concerning breast health.

Finally, this week, two things came up directly pertaining to breast cancer and I found myself talking about this blog. Yesterday, I went to the Mind-Body-Spirit Expo in NJ and met people from a thermography center. At the booth, they handed out some literature on breast thermography and here is a link to a site with more information on the process. I also posted several links on the page titled LINKS for anyone wanting more information on going the thermography route in NJ. The other thing that came up is that I heard about a book on breast cancer I wanted to check out. If it turns out to be enlightening, I will blog about that next time.

If anyone is using thermography in place of mammograms or in conjunction with them, I’d love to hear what you think about breast cancer screenings!  


About Rhonda Tremaine

Rhonda Tremaine is a blogger and book author who lives in Central, New Jersey. She is also a founding partner at ENoetic Press.

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