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Breast Cancer Study and Useful Risk Calculator

I was going through some old issues of Prevention–the ones I never got around to reading–and I came upon an article entitled Your Breast Cancer Risk is in Her Hands by Sarah Klein, an article that focuses on Dr. Laura Esserman’s study that could change the way that breast cancer screenings are conducted. This is very exciting. Of course, the battle has been raging, and as you know, I reluctantly get my screenings at the urging of my doctor, even though I am not quite sure if it is necessary. Hopefully, this new five-year study will reveal some results that will put our minds at ease about skipping the mammograms.

An important tool provided in the article is a link to the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium’s calculator. I tried it. There are only like six questions but 2 are difficult to answer. If you have a lot of information on your own breasts–such as how dense they are–you might find this useful. The link is here.